This David Bowen Invictus 002 is a hand made snooker cue commissioned to be made by Chin Heng Ho in Malaysia. The cue was requested to be made with a seasoned hard maple shaft. The cues is a 1-piece design with 2 custom made cue extensions made from AAA grade Gabon ebony.

The exotic hardwood splicing comprises of exhibition grade Turkish Walnut with AAA grade ebony primary and lower splices.The Turkish walnut is a very rare wood which is often used for making exotic rifle and shotgun butts. The colours and figure within the wood really stand out from the jet-black ebony.

The Invictus range of snooker and pool cues is identified by their three levels of splicing, all Invictus cues have a specific number which shows their order of manufacture. The lead time from order is 9-12 months. Prices for the David Bowen Invictus range of cues can be found in the online shop: