This David Bowen Aristocrat 006 cue was commissioned to be made by Gordon Smith, an avid pool player and cue collector. The cue was requested to be made in old growth American ash to give a darker looking shaft compared with a lot of modern cues. The build time for this cue was 9 months from order to delivery.

The exotic hardwood splicing comprises of high quality AAA grade Gabon ebony primary splices, with exhibition grade Thuya Burl lower splices and a single facing splice of Gabon ebony. The natural beauty of the Thuya burl works as a great contrast between the jet black ebony due to the deep orange colour of the burl wood.

The Aristocrat range of snooker and pool cues is identified by two levels of splicing, all Aristocrat cues have a specific number which shows their order of manufacture. Prices for the David Bowen Aristocrat range of cues can be found in the online shop: