This David Bowen Alchemy 001 cue is a a custom made cue commissioned to be made by Mason Penny, UK. The cue was requested to be made with a seasoned hard maple shaft. The cues is a 1-piece design with 19″ Gabon ebony splices and a single facing splice of custom made blockwork made from Mexican cocobolo and Thuya Burl. The blockwork is separated with hard maple constructional veneers.

The Alchemy range of cues are cues which incorporate handmade blockwork splices, this can range from a single facing splice to full length splices with any number and combination of exotic hardwoods. All Alchemy cues have a specific number which shows their order of manufacture within the range. The lead time from order is 12-18 months depending on material availability and the amount of blockwork. Prices for the David Bowen Alchemy range of cues can be found in the online shop: David Bowen Cues Shop